How much does a traffic report cost?


The cost will depend on both the scale and complexity of your project and the extent of its non-compliance with the district plan and other relevant rules. A very basic assessment of a single aspect on a small project, like visibility from the entrance, can cost as little as $500. A medium-level assessment for the more common, proposals that do not depart far from the rules, usually costs in the range $2,000 to $3,000. The costs are likely to be significantly higher again with, for example, a major project that leads onto a major road or any project that has major non-compliances with the rules.

If the proposal is publicly notified and goes to a hearing, the traffic engineer’s input will, again, vary depending on the number and complexity of the issues raised, the strength of the opposition and/or the nature, sophistication and/or resources available to the project’s opponents. A good engineer will provide you with an estimate of his/her further input once he/she understands the issues and project’s opponents. 

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