Marsden Cove Marina and Canal Subdivision, One Tree Point, Whangarei


Client:   Hopper Developments, Ltd

Value: $60 million

Dean has been the traffic engineer on this project since its inception in 1998. It involves a large marina, a 700 lot canal subdivision, various commercial developments and the severance of the main road through One Tree Point. Dean has successfully guided the project through numerous consent processes including that for the Comprehensive Development Plan, two subdivision stages, a commercial development, residential apartments, a vehicle refueling facility (for public use) and an events marquee.

Thanks to recommendations and associated evidence from Dean about the location and formation of alternative routes, there was virtually no opposition from the community about the severance of the main road.

With one of these applications, the NZ Transport Agency sought an $89,000 financial contribution for intersection upgrading along the highway that leads to the area – State Highway 15A. Dean provided evidence that the intersections all had adequate capacity, even with the new proposal, and the commissioner rejected NZTA’s demands outright.

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