Motorhome Village, Waipuna Parklands, Pakaraka, Far North District

Client: Bay Flora, Ltd

Value: $500,000

This proposal included a non-complying subdivision. Dean was engaged late in the consent process because the NZ Transport agency and several submittors in opposition were seeking the closure of the applicant’s entrance and the use of another entrance over which the applicant happened to have access rights. The access from the other entrance would have required large motor homes to travel much further over much steeper gradients. The existing visibility through parts of that access is poor and parts are extremely narrow. Dean estimated that its use would add at least $400,000 to the cost of project development, probably more.

Dean’s analysis found that, contrary to assertions from the NZ Transport agency and other opponents, his client’s existing entrance actually has superior sight distance. The Transport agency’s witness was silent throughout the hearing and the consent was granted entirely in the applicant’s favour.

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