Why might I need a traffic report?


There are several reasons for this. They are:

  • You are subdividing or developing some land, your Council’s District Plan requires a resource consent for the project and Council staff say they require a traffic report. They will request this if they have concerns about the potential for the proposal to have traffic or parking effects that are more than minor. It is usually in your best interests to comply with such a request from Council officers. If you have a professional planner or resource management lawyer leading your application, they might also advise that it will be in your best interests to obtain a traffic report before the application is even filed with the Council.
  • You are subdividing or developing some land, your site leads directly onto a State highway, there is no alternative access onto a non-State highway and the NZ Transport Agency requires a traffic report. In cases like this, the NZ Transport Agency has its own powers under the Government Roading Powers Act. The Agency holds these powers whether or not you are also required to obtain a resource consent under your District Plan.
  • You are subdividing or developing some land and your District Plan, Council and/or the NZ Transport Agency standards require a standard of access and/or entrance(s) that you and/or your project cannot afford. In our experience in such cases, a well researched and crafted traffic report can almost always achieve a reduction in the required standard (and savings to you of many times the cost of the report).

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