Traffic Enginner

Dean Scanlen 

BE(Civil)(Hons), CPEng, IntPE(NZ)

Dean Scanlen is a specialist in traffic engineering and associated consents. If your Council or the NZTA requires an expert assessment of the traffic or parking aspects of your project, Dean can help. He has many years experience in getting Traffic and Parking approvals and saving clients many thousands of dollars in the process.

He achieves this by providing traffic reports (also known as "Traffic Impact Assessments" or "Traffic Effects Assessments"), including parking assessments, access and/or road design. These show your Council, the NZ Transport Agency and/or or a court why they should give consent to your application with affordable conditions.

Dean handles commercial, residential or institutional developments of any scale and complexity, anywhere from remote rural locations to cities.

He has specialist knowledge of traffic engineering principles and the consent requirements in relation to the traffic, transport, parking and/or access/roading aspects of projects. This ensures you have the best chance of success in your consent application, whether it is from your Council, the NZ Transport Agency, the Environment Court or the High Court.

Dean has extensive knowledge and experience in the economic analysis of projects. This ensures your project is as cost-effective as possible and/or that suitable projects will obtain funding support from the NZ Transport Agency.

Dean is also an experienced safety auditor and peer reviewer of traffic reports or economic analyses by others.

Deans Approach 

Dean identifies the key traffic issues and anticipates all the questions that the consent authorities or the court might have about the issues.

He will then, as necessary, carry out first-principles analysis and/or original research that reveals the real effects of the proposal. This often includes comparisons with similar situations, examples being analyses of historic crash rates or surveys to confirm an intersection is operating at a satisfactory level of service.

About Dean 

Dean is an independent traffic engineer and Chartered Engineer specialising in traffic engineering with more than 25 years experience. He obtained a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Auckland University, with first-class honours, in 1985.

He is accepted by Councils as . . . read more > > >

Digital IP Security Cameras used for Traffic Counting

Traffic surveillance cameras have numerous advantages over traditional traffic surveillance methods including:

  • More accurate - Digital Video not only captures every vehicle but people too including all their movements within a wide field of view.
  • The Capturing of a complete record of movements and other traffic characteristics at the site including (for people) aspects like age, ethnicity, time spent in shops and/or the numbers of shops visited and (for vehicles) the type of vehicle, its origin and destination, the frequency of each turning movement, delays, queuing and even occupancy; and
  • Any other characteristics that might be relevant, with HD Video Recording is as clear as being there observing with our own eyes, but also able to fast forward as much as 32 times and remain in the comfort of an office.

A single camera can usually record the entry and exit of people through several shop doors at once or the movements of an entire intersection.

Cameras record 24 hours a day in any weather conditions and in any location. Recorded video remains on file indefinitely and can be either audited or reviewed at any time in the future.  Data storage in inexpensive - averaging less than $1 for an entire day of recording form each camera.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more of think you might have an application you believe this technology would be suitable for.  

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